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May 4, 2021 1:34PM - 1:34PM EDT


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May 4, 2021 2:15PM EDT
[Update] Package 2 - 2021 has been successfully released to the following Production Cluster: APSE. CANADA

May 3, 2021 2:14PM EDT
[Update] Package 2 - 2021 has been successfully released to all BETA clusters.

May 2, 2021 2:14PM EDT
[Update] Dashboard Widget Workflow Improvement - Whenever a user clicks the Youtube video link in the Top Videos link on the Safety Console dashboard, it will lead the admin to the activities page where the admin can see details of the event and then also view the video on YouTube if necessary. Additional Auditor Reporting - This release brings which OU a user is located, into email alerts and the Auditor UI. Having the OU a user is placed in makes it much easier to track down a specific person. Seamless Login Experience - We now provide schools the ability to seamlessly log in and move across Filter, Auditor & Visitor consoles. We'll be building off this infrastructure to allow for an SSO between other Securly products in a future release. A new toolbar item has been added within the Safety Console to make switching consoles even easier. We've also squashed a handful of items with this release: It was found that school contacts added manually via the 24 Tab were not being reflected in the downloadable CSV file of school contacts. This has been fixed. It was observed that when an admin paused a contact in the 24 Tab and then moved on to editing other contacts, the previously paused card would be unpaused. This has been fixed. Some users experienced a problem with OUs not displaying in the "Assign OU" dropdown when creating contacts in 24, even if the OUs were already selected for monitoring from the Manage OU section of the 24 Tab. This has been fixed. Schools with CIDR range for IPs were briefly unable to create IP-Based Policies from the Safety Console. This issue has been fixed. It was found that if parents had Restricted Controls and no take-home policy was set by the admin, then the rules set by the Allow & Deny for the school policy were not being applied to the child. This has been fixed and allow & deny lists from the applicable school policy would work as expected. There was an issue for admins authenticating into the Safety Console from version 82 (and above) of the Firefox Browser, this has now been resolved. For schools with Forced Login enabled, users who were not logged in were being displayed the login page instead of the Blocked Page when they tried to access a website. This has been fixed and now users would get the blocked page. It was found that the Chrome Extension was not respecting certain global TLD's placed in the global deny list. This was brief and fully resolved in this release. During the rollout of our new YouTube controls to Nucleus it was found that students of parents with Custom Controls may have not received the correct YouTube restriction levels. This allowed for some students to experience YouTube in a manner schools did not expect. This release resolves that and students should now be receiving the appropriate restriction level as defined by the school.

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