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Package 9 includes exciting features such as a new Domain Access Lookup Tool for Teachers and many product improvements. Click view more to learn what else is in this upcoming release!


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October 26, 2020 1:03PM - November 4, 2020 1:03PM EST

October 29, 2020 1:14PM EDT
[Update] Package 9 has been successfully released to the following Production Clusters: UK, Ireland, APSE.

October 26, 2020 1:12PM EDT
[Update] Package 9 has been successfully released to all BETA clusters.

October 26, 2020 1:10PM EDT
[Update] Teacher Domain Access Lookup Tool - Admins have a brand new tool for the toolbelt that has been a long time in the making. With this release, Admins can now provide this access and lookup tool to users mapped to approved policies! Those users (Staff/Teachers) will now be able to see how domains are categorized and if required, provide students access if normally denied. This workflow expands and improves the user experience previously provided through the temporarily allow functionality. Default Settings on newly created Custom Policies - Previously when an admin would go to create a brand new Custom Policy within Policy Editor, all settings and categories would be blank. After much feedback from schools, it was agreed upon that this should have a default set of setting and categories that meet CIPA requirements for most K12. This update only affects newly created Custom Policies in our Nucleus interface. Wikipedia Updates - There were some cases where flagged Wikipedia articles and searches may not have shown up properly within our Activities view. This has now been resolved! Embedded Youtube Videos - It was found that some embedded Youtube content may have not been properly handled for Chromebook users. This release addresses that regression as well as ensures students who embed Youtube content within Docs and Sheets are filtered as expected. Special Characters within Activities - We’ve improved the search functionality within Activities and Activity Reports to now accept special characters within the keyword such as “.” Suspicious Keywords falling under multiple categories - We’ve improved the flagging capabilities within our UI to ensure flagged events show up properly under multiple categories such as Self-Harm and Gun Terms. Spanish Language Improvements - The subject line for blocked activity alert emails was being displayed in English, while the body was in Spanish. This has been fixed and the email subject and body will be displayed in the same language. French Language Improvements - Email sent through scheduled reports are now properly translated into French. Special Characters within Custom Policy Names - There was a small regression with input sanitization on what can be allowed within Custom Policy names inside of our new user interface (Nucleus). This has been fixed and new policies created with the Custom Policy creation wizard now match what was previously expected within the older user interface. SmartDNS and SmartPAC Improvements - Prior to this release if a student tried to access certain sites added to the Global Deny list, they may have received an SSL error. We were able to improve this for the end-user and ensure they receive a Securly Block Page as expected. Wildcard Improvements within Activity Search - Admins searching for domains with the following logic (m*.com) can now expect results to populate. Gun Terms added to Faculty Group Reporting - If enabled on student policies, those Faculty Members who view activity within the Safety Console can now see Gun Terms if flagged.

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